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Friday, 24 October 2014

chill tunes

it's been an exhausting work-filled day so what better way to end the week and spend a lazy, cozy friday night than to blog and listen to chill remixes that have been on repeat this past month. I've recently been obsessed with Matoma remixes, deep chill house mixes, with lotssss of saxualllitay (saxophone), and tropical house music. I've listed my favourite music channels below make sure to subscribe! Can't get enough x


  1. Your blog is quite amazing dear! I LOVE THE LIPSTICK! Now its on my wishlist too :)
    I would really appreciate if we would follow each other on GFC and BL, so that we can keep in touch!
    I started following you, waiting for you to follow back ;)
    xoxo Coll // my Blog little - TOBEYOUTIFUL // Bloglovin

    1. could say the same for yours! have a ton of those burgundy coloured lipsticks to suggest ;) followed you back.

      all the best