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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Modern Apartments

When we first moved to Canada, my parents would always scavenge for the perfect cozy house for our family, attend open houses and I would always be the first (out of the 3 daughters) to ask if I could tag along. I would always step in a house and start day dreaming of how life would be like if we lived in that particular house. My mom is a huge fan of the more modern and elegant elements int terms of furniture design, and having 3 daughters, it probably came in handy having the same sense of style. I've recently been obssessed with the modern, rustic, minimalistic, brick, loft type of home decors and apartment photos on pinterest or bloglovin. I also loooove hardwood floors and brick accent walls and white walls. Seems unrealistic for now...but ONE DAY

Just felt like sharing some of my favourites for inspiration x

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