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Monday, 29 December 2014

DIY: Succulents

For the holidays, I wanted to give my sisters something different rather than the typical shoe, jewelry or clothing type of Christmas gift. I watched a DIY succulents video on Youtube a couple weeks ago from Soothingsista (one of my favourite youtubers) and fell in love with the idea of making your own cute, little plant. My sisters both have little cacti and they've been obsessed with em since they got them so i thought of adding a new little plant to their collection. I thought of giving each of us a "sister plant".

All you need are a couple of clear glass containers, a succulent plant (or any type you fancy), and a decorative material to fill the container with. I chose these goooorgeous purple, black and silver coloured crushed glass that comes in a bottle. At first i thought i'd be taking the actual plant + soil out of the pot but when I did it, my mom thought it would cause more trouble so i decided to keep it in the pot. The clear glass containers are thrifted (super cheap) and you can get them for around $2. I was originally gonna buy a mosaic type of jar but i wanted the coloured glass to peek through the container. I bought the succulent plants and the KULORT brand coloured crushed glass from IKEA (which is my favourite place ever).

On Christmas eve, I showed my sisters our sister plants but I left it undone cause I wanted us all to do a little DIY Christmas project together. It's a nice alternative for a Christmas gift and the shiny glass makes it look all the more glamorous. The plant makes any room look cozy and stylish (who wouldn't want a pet plant).  In addition, I had an extra fish bowl glass container which was originally supposed to be for my plant, but since i decided to keep the pot, i couldnt just simply stuff it in there so I put some more glass in there and used it as a makeup brush holder! This is a fun activity to do with friends and family so I recommend doing this for yours!

click here to watch my --> DIY: Succulents video

Happy Holidays xxx