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Monday, 8 December 2014

Fashion Essentials 2014

Essentials 2014
1. Ankle Booties w Heels 
2. Plaid Shirt-dress
3. Basic V-neck shirts
4. Scented Candles
5. Gold, Pearl tone accessories
6. Classic Handbags
7. Gold iPhone case
8. Sturdy, studded wallet
Nothing makes me happier than emptying my bag of goodies after a well worth shopping trip. The past 2-3 weeks have been crazy packed with an itinerary solely based on shopping. With the Black Friday sales and the holidays coming up, my fam and i decided to cross the border twice (before my US passport expired). Sure enough, our day trips to the US were spent wisely as we woke up as early as 6 am and came back home past midnight..we all felt bad for our dad.

The main purpose of our shopping trip was to buy Christmas gifts for the family but things didn't quite pan out the way they're supposed to. My siblings and I ended up buying shenanigans for ourselves and swore we'd start Christmas shopping in the next weeks to come hehe. 

For the first day trip, we went all the way to Alderwood mall just for Urban Outfitters, and it took us about 3 hours to finally get there. The sale was a floppp didn't buy much except a cute little pair of light washed, high waisted, denim shorts (similar to American Apparel's). 
H&M was a main source of our goodies during both trips cause my sister works there + there happened to be 2 h&m gift cards in my wallet! I've been loving the more basic, neutral and monochromatic tones of outfits. I bought a couple of classic v-necks (white and grey), a long greyish shirt dress, a smokey-eye shadow palette, bronzing powder and my new beloved all black with gold tone everyday bag. I also bought a plain black and white plaid shirt since i've never had my own plaid shirt and again, I stuck to the basic coloured shirt. I swear we spend about 5 hours at every H&M store we step into..Fun factwe have this family thing called  the "H&M Granados curse". Everytime we start purchasing our stuff, we take up the poor cashiers time and takes us about 20 mins to settle everything out since we get soo picky with how they place the family discounts etc. Once we leave the store, we check our receipts and there's always and i mean ALWAYS something wrong with our purchases and we have to go back in and do it allll over again. 

Anyhoo, this Fall I've been obsessed with the colours rose gold, whites, golds, blacks and greys. I love love love how it makes everything look so classy and sophisticated. Candles are another thing i've been loving thanks to my sistas. They've been buying scented candles and of course I had to join the bandwagon! Also, BAGS i've been passionate about. I finally found the perfect black purse + another neutral coloured purse I could use for school in the next month and for a more dressy event.

(check captions below for details)

Plaid shirt inspired by Teni Panosian!

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