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Friday, 30 January 2015

Reserved | OOTD II

This week went by so dang quick, as if time wasn't going by fast enough..Been so busy with midterms, app essays, assignments and labssss BUT the beautiful weather made it all so bearable. It wouldn't have been a typical sunny day if i didn't get a text from Sofy bout taking photos outside haha :') Took a short break from my midterm prep and spent the next hour chilling and laughing with Sof and Chels.  Decided to keep it simple and stuck with my trusty white longsleeves top, black jeans, and my black caged shoes/heels with my new favourite dark burgundy lipstick. I was quite hesitant to wear these shoes since I ride my bike everywhere in uni but then again my concept of "fashion over comfort" won me over. My foot slipped off the bike pedals a couple times not gonna lie lolol Bottom line is, I had a very positive week over all. No complaints :)

Spending yet another friday night blogging and listening to throwback songs with Izzygrrrr. Having a relaxing night before an entire weekend of hardcore studying!!! Hope everyone's having a great start to their weekend!

Felice G

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