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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day Trip to Whistler, BC

The birthday girl is 24 today!!!!
quick outfit shot :p

my cute parents :)
Cheesecake + Toffee bits + Butterscotch + White Chocolate stuff ugh 

Ombre hair, Camo jackets, Brown boots........seemed to be every Whistler-ian girl's wardrobe for the day (what's new)

Warming her cold knees (form the ripped jeans)

The past weekend, the fam and i drove up to Whistler as requested by the birthday girl to be (Nina, my eldest sista who turns 24 today!!!).  The weather coulda been way better but that didn't stop us from walking around the village, admiring its rustic and cabin-y vibe, not to mention the beautiful people and stopping by the breathtaking lakes. We were going to the Lost Lake, as we always do, but was closed last saturday which was a huuuge bummer. So we went to some nearby lake and took photos there :) I also had my first beaver tail cheesecake this weekend which was a revelation..blows my mind how i've never tasted one of those bad boys before. They were delicious, my gad. We also had a nice family dinner and had a nice, cozy family walk through the beautiful Christmas lights lit streets. Posted some of our outfits of the day too and some cool snapshots i took during the trip!

Can't believe the oldest Granados sister is finally 24. Two granadoses down, 3 more to go! (Last month was my dad's birthmonth) Next up is ze madre's birthday, then mine....then Isobel's! This year, we all turn even-numbered ages....and I cannot wait!!! Now im just in my room killing some time, blogging, before we have dinner at The Eatery in dt tonight. That's always our goto sushi place in downtown, highly recommended! (although it may have felt a teeny bit awkward going to that resto with your parents) If you ever go to The Eatery, you'll know what I mean...til next time!

(I'll add another entry post based solely on our outfits)


New video up on Youtube btw :)

OOTD Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RKW0LhG1hs

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