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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dimanche | OOTD III

Start of my reading break ain't so badddd: Today my sisters and i decided to head to Sasamat Lake and enjoy the rare sight of sunshine. The lake looked so peaceful and calm and it was exactly what i needed after a hectic week of school. Totes needed fresh air. I dunno,  just had such a tough week w all the midterms + bad weather AND been having the worst, throbbing headaches during these past few days. My contacts were just not cooperating with me AT ALL..I literally looked like an idiot in school with my squinting and constant blinking. You can only imagine how silly i looked riding my bike to class..hehe but thank goodness for reading break, it couldn't have come at a better time :P

Anyhoo, we all strolled through the forest trail had some good laughs with my sissies (this one woman was so close to us and just did not want to move and watched us take photos the entire time lol) and felt blessed to live close to such a breathtaking place! I also realized how long my hair is and i am literally drowning in it....thinking of getting a haircut, i need me a change!!!!! 

Theme song of the day: What I've Done - James Hershey --> SO CHILL (JackLNDN remix is good too)

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