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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Overload | OOTD VI

Couldn't be more accurate, haha

Happy Sunday! Quick update for you guys: hell week is finally over (for now).. just until finals season kicks in. I had 3 midterms and an assignment due all in 3 days this week so there's no better way to end a stressful week than to go around dt and take some blog photos! Went to downtown with the pops to run some errands and had a nice sushi lunch with him. We walked by this cupcake store called "ManCakes Bakery" and I had to drag him along to buy me one!!! I remember reading about this cafe on Vancity Buzz and have been wanting to stop by. I ended up getting the Apple Brie cupcake and man did I have a sugar rush afterwards. After lunch, he dropped me off at VGH for my clinical skills volunteer lab! It went longer than expected and having 4 hours of sleep the night before made me SO sleepy (especially when they asked me to lie on the bed).

Met up with Izzy at volunteer and we decided to go out for dinner at "La Taqueria"!!!!! We are huge fans of Mexican food and always dreamed of finally trying out that specific resto. We both ordered Tinga de Pollo and I wasn't even hungry when we got in (having lots of sushi and a cupcake and a couple cookies from volunteer would do that), but still managed to stuff my face with cheesy, chipotle-y soft tacos <3

Now, I'm gonna go squeeze in a quick workout before I re-dye my hair back to a darker shade! I managed to keep my brown hair for almost 3 months..and I just didn't feel like brown hair suited me. I got it done in the Philippines and the shade of brown i had done was just too contrasting with my original hair colour (roots are driving me nuts). Funny story, told my fam and a couple friends i'm going back to darkkkk dark dark brown (close to black) and non of them stopped me.. they even pushed me to get it done asap HAHA... well at least they were nice enough to say it was good when I just dyed it brown :P

Have a wonderful week readers!

Outfit details:
Cropped Coat: Thrifted
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Black Jeans: Urban Planet
Booties: H&M Manila
Bag: Thrifted