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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Q & A submission | Songs on Repeat

city skyline i took of Seattle
Happy Sunday my readers! This weekend I looked back at my old blog posts and youtube vids and reminisced on how eager I was to get my blog up and running. Sucks that I tend to get an itch to blog when the school year's already started.. Not once in the summer did I take ootd photos and videos and i'm not sure why i didnt!!!! Fall is here anyway so better to have ootds of layered clothing, dark lips, and the classic black booties. Also, thinking of making an ask.fm link for my blog incase you guys had questions to ask and suggestions to make for my blog! Want to make a question & answer segment on my blog so feel free :) 

--> ask.fm <--

Finally getting into the zone of studying for the midterms! Although, having a nifty pair of headphones is refraining me from keeping my composure while i study cause I can't help but dance to the new songs i've downloaded! 

Songs on repeat lately:
1. Roses ft. Rozes - The Chainsmokers (amazing amazing amazing & watch the music video!)

2. Let You Go - The Chainsmokers

3. Overload - Life of Dillon (So chill and relaxing)  

4. Better Off - Emily Vaughn 

Let me know what you think of the songs! 

X. Felice 

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