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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Palace of Fine Arts | OOTD VIII

Finally got a slightly more laid back start to my day so i was able to edit these photos from a few days ago in SF. We're in LA now and drove here 3 days ago..I'm feeling pretty sick or maybe i'm just overly tired from our trip to Disneyland yesterday.. We're off to Venice Beach to meet up with the cousins and having dinner at my favourite Italian restaurant "Bella Vista". It has been over 4 years since I went last and today is the day I finally get to devour their chocolate strawberry pizzas again! nom

Anyhoo, I have no idea what to name this post but we'll stick with this for now.. :P I forget which day this was exactly but we went to the gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts in SF a few days ago. The pictures don't do it justice, but i tried to capture how amazing the structures were. There weren't too many people there so we got to take advantage of having the whole place to ourselves! I decided to sport this chestnut colour themed look with my (nina's) trusty coat, plain white turtleneck sweater, blue jeans with knee slits, white nike runners and a long black scarf. This outfit was a winner in my books, the cold did not seep through at all..maybe except through the rips in my jeans but every girl's got tough knees nowadays hahah

Hope you guys like this post! Let me know what u think.

Felice G.

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Thursday, 24 December 2015

San Francisco // OOTD VII

Hello San Francisco! This look was from 2 days ago when we went to the Flower Conservatory and de Young Museum. I decided to go with a white themed outfit, which coincidentally matched our destination of the day quite nicely! We flew to SF on the 21st, right after my last final exam in uni, which ended at 11:30 am. Our flight originally was scheduled to leave at 2:15pm, and we rushed to the airport only to find out our flight got delayed not once..but THREE times (4:40, 6:30 then finally at 7:45). We ended up leaving at around 8pm due to weather issues and arrived SF at 10:30pm. It was a tough first day but here we are! 

Will be posting more posts in the next few days! So far we've been to Pier 39, Farmers market, City Hall, and got to see San Francisco's Painted Ladies. Spending Christmas day here then we're heading out to LA next. 

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone :)

Date: December 22nd, 2015

Coat: H&M
Shoes: Nike
Handbag: Thrifted