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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Urban Lights || OOTD X

Happy Sunday readers! I've finally reached 10 "outfit of the day" blogposts!!!! Anyhoo, I have been meaning to start putting up some LA blog photos weeks ago but I've only been able to do them now.. Here are some shots we took when we went to the famous "No Strings Attached" scene with all the gorgeous symmetrical lamp lights. Funny cause I asked my aunt what the story was behind these lamp lights. She told me it used to be a place where construction workers would temporarily place the street lamp lights to get them all organized before they started to put them up along the streets of LA. People started walking by it and appreciated it so they turned it into an art location. Of course, I was fascinated by that story and thought it was interesting. And so I told all my cousins about it, thought I was educating them on some good ol' art history and they ended up laughing at me cause apparently, there was a plaque by the scene where they explained what the actual story was behind the lamplights. Long story short, my aunt totally tricked me and made a fool of myself with this construction worker story being a know-it-all hahahah

What I wore that day:
- black turtleneck sweater - TERRANOVA
- brown, fur, blazer - THRIFTED
- black jeans - URBAN PLANET
- black knee high boots - H&M

Wish everyone a great weekend.
Felice G.

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